Youtube MCN, Double Income. High CPC, Low Payout


MCN Networks.

1. Scalelab

Minimum Requirements:

  • Requirements 4.000 Views in last 30 days
  • No Copyrighted Content or Strikes
  • At least 4 videos on the channel
  • At least 10 Subscribers on the channel
  • High Quality Content



2. Zoomin.TV

Minimum Requirements:

  • 200 subscribers
  • 300 daily views
  • Channel at least 3 months old
  • At least 1 upload every week
  • No copyright content, No misleading metadata


ZoominTV needs Channel ID in Channel Name.

Note: You will get your channel id here:


3. Freedon

Requirements to join:

  • You are required to have at least 33 views per day
  • At least 1000 views per month of videos on your account
  • No copyright strikes or other infringements against your account
  • The main requirement is no copyright infringements.
  • If you pass this you are likely to be accepted.





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