Earn Free Bitcoin from your PC with Computta Mining System

Easily start mining cryptocurrencies with no Software

Computta is a first of a kind service created by cryptocurrency professionals to enable anyone and everyone’s computer to make digital money for their owners completely on autopilot.

It is the first service which provides simple two-click cryptocurrency mining application available for anyone to use on any Windows OS computer. This means that ANYONE with a computer can register, download our super-simple smart mining app and start generating cryptocurrency on their computers – all within 3 minutes flat.

You do not need any tech skills at all, besides being able to power on your computer and click your mouse

Computta Smart Miner and our server-side software algorithms will do everything in the background for you. Your earnings will be converted and stored in Bitcoin – the most popular and most reliable cryptocurrency. We will also use the current exchange rates to show you all your earnings in USD for convenience.

Computta Mining System:

Firstly, in order to sign up go to https://computta.com/

Click “Sign Up” and enter your email and a password to get started.



Your antivirus won’t flag the program because its secured and certified. If it does get flagged, your best bet is to make the install folder (C:\Program Files\Computta) an exception in your anti-virus software before installing.


2) You’ll be downloading “Computta_windows-x64.exe” at a reasonable 65.6MB.

3) Keep clicking “Next” and wait for it to finish installing.

4) Once it has finished, ensure you select:
“[x] Run Computta” and click “Finish”

5) Now here’s the benchmark section. Before clicking “Start Benchmark” ensure that your PC isn’t running programs or games in the background. Your PC may become very slow during the benchmark as it stresses your system to 100% to see what its capabilities are.

6) Once finished you’ll then have to enter your account details that you used to make your account earlier. your email and password.

If you didn’t created account yet. Click here and Register Now

… AND THAT’S IT, you’re ready to start mining. Click “Start earning > >” to begin. Also, remember that the following benchmark is calculated in USD.

Miner Settings

Set your away time in minutes first. 1 min of no use will maximise your earnings while ensuring your PC runs smoothly when you’re using it.

The next two sliders represent how you will mine when you’re using your computer. The last two sliders determine how intensely the PC runs when left alone.

If running this on a family members PC, I definitely recommend:

  • 5 minutes away time
  • 0% CPU and GPU usage on the first two sliders.
  • 50% CPU and 100% GPU in the second sliders.
    This way you won’t get angry text from them asking why their PC doesn’t run well anymore.

How Much Will I Earn?

I wish I could give you a simple answer to this question. The easiest way to know is to simply run the benchmark and see. The reason it’s complicated is that it depends on a number of factors:
• Your hardware’s capabilities
• How long you’ll be mining for (each day)
• The price of the currency you’re mining
• The price of Bitcoin (BTC) in comparison to USD
• The price of USD to your home currency
• A percentage of how much your referrals have mined
This is why your benchmarks may vary wildly should you attempt to run them again another day. Also there’s the added bonuses that come with referring others to sign up using your referral link https://computta.com/

The Cost to You

You do need to be aware of your computers power costs before assuming that all those BTC are pure profit. This is easier than it sounds as long as you have a power bill at hand.

The Affiliate Program

You’ll earn 10% of what your direct referrals make, 5% from tier 2 and 3 referrals, 3% from tier 4 and 2% from tier 5. See the image below for a better idea of what that means. Now, this practice may make your hairs stand up on end as it’s similar to what Multi-Level-Marketing a.k.a Pyramid Schemes use to entice more members. However, there are some BIG differences here:

  1. There is a REAL product here (the mining and selling of cryptocurrency)
  2. You are never asked to pay money to buy a product to sell to others
  3. You can make money without referring a single person

So is Computta a Scam?

The short answer is…NO! Is it worth you doing?… Maybe, it depends on your circumstances.
For the creation of the program, a super simple way to start mining, an easy way to track your profits and the added bonuses from referrals.


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