Earn 10$ Daily from Dollarclix totally free

Hello everyone,

This is Sanjit Das. I am gonna introduce you a free income opportunity.

Here you can earn money totally free and get paid instantly.

Dollarclix details:

  • Program Name: http://www.dollarclix.com
  • Category: Get paid to
  • Online Since: 2015
  • Payment Methods: Payza, Paypal Bitcoin, Amazon gift cards
  • Payment period: Instant / 24 hour
  • Referral Commission: 2 level (1st level 15%, 2nd level 10%)
  • Register Now: http://www.dollarclix.com


What is get paid to site?

Get paid to is a kind of site where a member can earn money by doing simple tasks online.

Simple tasks means completing simple survey. Watching videos, click ads, Search, Download apps, Playing games etc


How to register?

Before registering a Get paid to sites. You must know these

  1. Don’t use any proxy or vpn
  2. Don’t use operamini or uc browser from mobile device
  3. Don’t change your service provider

Register Now: http://www.dollarclix.com

Work details at Dollarclix:

Dollarclix is besically a get paid to site. Here 27 offerwalls available. You can make money from this offerwalls. You can also make money from “Make Money Section”

The surveys come depending of your location and its easy to complete. But you must know befor completing any survey that how to complete a survey you can search on the net regarding this.

All you have to do that try and try to earn money from here. Its very simple if you can


How long will it take to earn?

Your earning depends on how much time and effort you put into your goals. You can easily earn up to 100 points or $1 or more every day just by completing certain offers. Some members even earn up to $10 to $20 daily! All it takes is patience and a willing mindset.

If you are having trouble receiving points for offers you complete, you can read our guide on completing offers for advice and tips.


Where to start?

The main idea here is to earn by completing offers and tasks that we provide. As mentioned before, there are many different ways to earn points. Find the easiest way to make your points, I suggest you to start from easy wall offer like PTC wall, Clixwall, Minutestaff etc. which are very easy way to earn and you’ll get rewarded in no time.
Visit offerwall page and daily surveys page or continue to the next guide below.


Survey area Warning!

Before attempting your first survey, you would need to make sure your profile should be completely filled out. Once this is done, visit our daily surveys page to complete surveys. These actions will help ensure that you are matched to the most appropriate surveys.

These basic rules should any offer credit better.

1. Browser: You should always be using Firefox unless stated otherwise (recommended use latest version). Certain download offers, for example, require Internet Explorer. Note that the Alpha builds of Firefox also work extremely well.

2. Reset: You should reset your cache and cookies after every offer. For the current build of Firefox Nightly (version 30 or more), one needs to click on “Tools” and then “Clear Recent History.” You will need to re-login to this GPT site, and any offers currently in progress will be reset.

3. E-mail: You should always use a unique email with every offer. Yahoo emails are generally limited to 25 per email address. You can use gmail for more email addresses.

4. Disable all pop-up blockers & change settings to “accept all cookies.”

5. Sometimes it is helpful to completely close your browser in between offers.

6. Speed: Some offers have an invisible time limit. Be sure to finish each offer within 15 minutes of starting it.

7. Find the survey you would like to attempt and click on Start for that survey. Continue going through the survey until it’s completed or you get disqualified.

8. Loading: Let every page finish loading completely.

9. If you attempt to complete an offer, and you see that your information is already pre-entered, that means cookies have not been properly cleared. Close your browser, clear cookies, and attempt the offer again.

10. Read the requirements below each offer before you try to complete the offer. Please also make sure that your browser cookies are enabled.

11. Many of the offers require completing the entire survey and then clicking on an offer on the final page or “last steps” page. However, you do not need to complete the offer to get credit, you just need to click on an offer or two and let the page fully load make sure you read the recommendations before starting.

12. Check out the last 10 credited offers. Chances are, if someone else got it to credit, you can too!

13. Daily Survey Routers which can be attempted every day. Each user can complete this offer once per day. Surveys are not always available and you will not always qualify for one. To increase your chances it’s recommended to try them multiple times at different hours every day.


Upgrade your account

To earn ulimited dollar just upgrade your account. You will get unlimited referrals. They will be for life time. upgrade for 5$(month) or 55$ (year)


Cashout earnings:

Payment methods: Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin

Here 100 point = 1$ you can convert points to dollar and dollar to point. cashout via Bitcoin for Points. And other wallets for dollars.

Having Any problem?

Send them support ticket or comment below

Me on skype: sanjitds

Me on facebook: https://fb.me/sanjitf

Thank you


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